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Meditation for Everyone


Meditation is a thousands-of-years-old practice of ‘sitting upright’, ‘closing our eyes’, and focusing on our ‘breath’ as and when our ‘minds’ demand. When we plan on doing meditation, we often feel anxious as to whether or not we should simply sit quietly and shut our eyes, but our minds, too, must reciprocate by shutting themselves for a complete quietness or peace.


In truth, our ‘mind’ is a ‘living embodiment of our life’ or a ‘being’ in its own right, in the very way our ‘body’ and ‘soul’ are. Hence, as a living life or being in its own right, we must appreciate that it shows the symptoms of wonderment when we meditate. In fact, our mind is like the sky above us, whereby the clouds in the sky come and go, so that it is sometimes rainy and sometimes bright with clean, blue sky. The final reciprocity of meditation is synonymous to the everlasting existence of the blue sky! 

During our consistent meditation practice, we can all observe these myriads of ups and downs until when we reach into such a state of mind or being we begin to realise and experience some extraordinary depth or meanings or layers of truth in our own body, mind and soul, as well as in the outer environment or the existence of where we reside, both in life and in the universe. 

From which we point on we begin to relate to each other in an aura of good energy, compassion and peaceful and pleasant outlook of the world we live in. In this, love’s eminence is everywhere, in whatever or whoever we would like to look into, enabling us to see the world through a spiritual heart and kinder eyes and the well-rounded emotions of our already strong soul.


What benefits can meditation give? Vishwa Dharma Meditation’s ethos of sharing the mediation practice with you relies on the simple philosophy of simply doing the mediation in practice. As most meditation practitioners have discovered, mediation is for the inner peace of the soul, which may, in return, trigger the growth of the radiant mind and body in us. There are numerous theories or practices of mediation available around us. Our meditation is simple to practice, no matter whoever you are and whenever you do it. 

In our experience of simple meditation, we have noticed that it can help us gain a better or even good balance of mind, body and soul, hence helping us grow with healthy emotions towards well-rounded strength, clarity and productivity of mind and, eventually, body. 

We, as humans or as beings, are life. Our life is made of three components: mind, body and soul. Soul can be interpreted as spirit too. Until these three ‘essences’ are in good order, we are not what we all want to be.


Hence, meditation may help us with our bodily experiences, such as of the need for a good and deeper sleep, a well-maintained appetite, strength and vitality on a healthier note for our body and serenity with happiness for our mind and soul, finally producing a radiant, bright and cheerful appearance or personality as we live life. 

Benefits meditation may give: 

* Clarity of mind and thought process with productivity. 

* Strength and vitality for body (good/sound sleep; increased potency, drive or vitality). 

* Love, happiness and serenity in the soul. 

How Meditation Can Help You


Vishwa Dharma Meditation is a group that brings people together to practice, experience and exercise meditation for our body, mind and soul or BODY, MIND & SPIRIT.

It is a meditation practice which does not require religious, cultural beliefs existing today in society. It is a practice based methods of inhaling & exhaling the breaths, to let the mind be rested for clarity by simply sitting upright and comfortably, whereby letting body to rest & relax, soul to be rediscovered with the spirit emanated. 

Ours is a practice based on theories of simplicity of doing meditation to reach towards the height of enlightenment gradually by becoming mindful, or aware or conscious of what goes on around us so that we are compassionately aware for our surroundings. 

Enlightenment encompasses the strength in compassion. It can give us the opportunity to become spiritual in energy  with our heart so that we are able to rediscover the greater good in us and around as we grow older but deeper and kinder.


Meditation works better in resilience with our willingness so that we get better to the effects that  our own body, mind & soul are interconnected in oneness. 

It may help enhance our potential as a social & creative being so that we are able to share our aspirations of success & happiness or vice versa such as failures, sadness among each other without being subjective or inflicted upon. 

It will lead us into finding our true strength to appreciate our potential for healing ourselves first; and others or our worlds around us. 

It will encourage us to know ourselves better and those who are an important package of our life such as the nature or friends or members of the family since they are gift of life generating abundance of love and care!

If we are in abundant richness of love with strength, value and positive outlook onto our life and its’ surroundings, then will we question ourselves that who we are and why we mean to be living the life that we live? 

With the emanated essence of love and loving outlook of life everywhere, we, in return, begin to cherish life that we have! It then becomes synonymous to own our body, mind & soul, that is called Oneness or Divine, which we constantly seek to meet, find and be happy with it.  

Meditation does help enhance us to discover or rediscover the principal traits and abilities of our life in a nutshell, especially when we don't know what it is or else we go through some rough patches of it. It is when life becomes meaningful or interesting enough to ponder about.   

Hence, meditation is simply a meaningful, strong and powerful step forward to attaining the ‘Param Daiviya Shakti’ or the ‘Ultimate Divine Force’ within us and  then other around us, so that we are able to understand, fathom or appreciate the dynamics of life to be able to share the beauty or glows of it among each other! 


We feel that the following categories of people ought to practice meditation regularly. They are: 









See the Difference!


While our fundamentals of being human are still the same; that we have a pair of ears, two hands, two legs, two nostrils, two eyes and then one mouth, one head, one limb, but an unknown size or shape of our own mind within our one head! 

Most definitely, we feel that our soul could have been made with some shapes, but do we know what is it, where is it, how or why is it? Alas we cannot know it, let alone to see or weigh it as we live our life. 

And yet, living life to the fullest is our ultimate goal or motto in a nutshell. To this effect, we become very busy, so restless or often so breathless that we don't even know what is happening or going on around us?


Still we want to live our life, that we want to live like, often accumulating a mass of pain & frustration or egos. In failure or pleasure, we constantly would like to work harder & harder. We would like to try and try, perhaps to attain or achieve! 

Proportionately speaking, at the least we have, is that we've given up to become what we thought we were or productive anymore. Our age makes us lean, unproductive or less functioning or less achieving, often ill or unwell and we begin to wonder that’s not natural. Or that's not what I expected to be! There must be something wrong, no? 

But when we see it in a collective package of feelings of our own being as the body, mind & spirit, we begin to see that, as humans, we might have also lost the grip in life about everything around us or that they used to us or belong to us. 

The key to productivity en mass, when we see this in par with in the terms as a society or as an individual or identity, or being, we see this in declination. And what do we see that who we are after all?


The phenomenon of the social, political or economic turmoil in the world today are caused because we are deeply unsettled first within ourselves!

As we are unsettled in our own selves or being first, then how do we see that the whole world around us should be like? 

We find it that they are too shaky or vulnerable. It is because we are a) restless, b) less productive or creative c) less kinder or compassionate to ourselves in the first place.

Meditation is a practice to bringing calmness in us first. This will inevitably generate compassion in us, then to others. 

This will emanate the natural but kinder spirit and strength by allowing us to remain positive in good energy that others too would like to be around or associated with.

We believe, through meditation, over a soon period of time, we will begin to connect ourselves via clarity in our mind, strength in our body & energy with dynamism in our soul. By taking the practices of meditation, one ought to expect at least this much. 

Once one is connected firmly with his or her own body, mind & soul, let's hope that this will lead us into discovering many other good things in life, including our own true selves, whereby we become the meaningful beauty of our own life. And all others onto us, and us onto others.

With this we are kinder and compassionate to ourselves and to others. Deep down, that's what we  have always wanted to be like. That's called the natural state of the nature of life in it's most natural form, where there is less tension but bliss as a matter of facts.

Once we are able to help ourselves first that we have a good path of discovering our true nature in a better and informed basis, would it not be easy to feel that the rest can be just a history? 

Then after whatever we do or don’t do, won’t matter, because the very nature of knowing ourselves as a good human or being as you or me or us, in a resolutely grounded manner, adds credit to the meaning in our life. That is the success or pure love or, happiness or contentment. 

That we are what we are to become is what we are but in an understood or unfolded or manifested way more as we grow older and better, while we journey through our life in essence of purpose, happiness & purity within the oneness of the divine beauty. 


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Tuesdays (January-March, 2019)

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Vishwa Dharma Meditation Winter Time


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Evening Dharma Talk & Meditation

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Who practice meditation worldwide?


Richard Gere, Movie Star- An Officer and a Gentleman. Harrison Ford, movie star Indiana Jones. Orlando Bloom, movie star Kingdom of Heaven. Keanu Reeves, movie star Little Buddha, The Matrix. Herbert Von Karajan, Orchestral Conductor. Uma Thurman, movie star Kill Bill. Oliver Stone, Film Producer JFK. Lindsay Crouse, film and TV actress Places in the Heart, House of Games. Tina Turner, singer What's Love Got to Do With It. Adam Yauch, singer Beastie Boys. Herbie Hancock, Jazz Musician. Nick "Brash" Bradley, Golf Coach. Tiger Woods, Champion Golfer. Roberto Baggio, Soccer Star, Italy. Brett Kirk, Sydney Swans Co-captain. Pamela Stephenson, psychologist, comedienne, actress, married to Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly. Phillip Glass, Composer. Kylie Kwong, chef and restauranter ABC Cooking Programme & Books. Joanna Lumley, actress and comedienne Absolutely Fabulous. William Ford Jr., Chairman Ford Motor Company. Ernestine Anderson, Jazz Singer. Susan Blackmore, Parapsychologist, Zen Buddhist. Leonard Cohen, Canadian poet, novelist, singer. Bruce Lee, martial arts, actor. Diane di Prima, feminist poet. Goldie Hawn, Oscar winning actress. Jack Kerouac poet, writer. George Lucas, film director/producer, Star Wars. Michael Stipe, musician. Steven Seagal Actor. Ruby Wax, Actress, Comedienne. Alice Walker, Author The Color Purple. Melissa Mathison, screenwriter. Tano Maeda, filmmaker. Frank Herbert, science fiction writer "Dune" Series. Nathaniel Dorsky, filmmaker. Belinda Carlisle, pop singer. Rob Cohen, film director. Mark Wahlberg, rap singer, actor. John Cage, composer. Allen Ginsberg, poet and author. Dadon Dawadolma, singer, actress. Becky Johnston, author, screenwriter. Peter Moores, England cricket coach. Cher, singer. Jennifer Lopez, singer, actress. K.D.Lang, singer. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Nigerian-English actor. Kate Bosworth, actress. Jeff Bridges, actor. Jackie Chan, actor. John Cleese, actor, writer. Patrick Duffy, actor. Philip Glass, composer. Herbie Hancock, musician. Hermann Hesse, Noble Prize Winner author of The Buddha. Bell Hooks, author. Kate Hudson, actress. Michael Imperioli, actor. Phil Jackson, basketball coach of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers. Angelina Jolie, actress, Human Rights activist, Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency. Late Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. Jack Kerouac, author, poet, painter. Miranda Kerr, Australian Supermodel, one of Victoria's Secret Angels. K.D. Lang, Canadian singer. Jet Li, Chinese Martial Artist, Hollywood actor. Courtney Love, American Singer-songwriter. Alanis Morissette, Canadian Singer-Songwriter. Maya Soetoro-Ng, University professor, sister of U.S. President (Barack Obama). Ellison Onizuka, U.S. Air Force Colonel, NASA astronaut. Victor Pelevin, novelist. Brad Pitt, actor. Ron Reagan, Talk Show Host, Son of former U.S. President (Ronald Reagan). Keanu Reeves, actor. Alex Rodriguez, American baseball player. Steven Seagal, actor and Aikido Expert. Russell Simmons, entertainment and fashion mogul. Sting, English singer-songwriter, lead vocalist of The Police. Oliver Stone, film director. Sharon Stone, actress, producer, and former fashion model. George Takei, actor, "Sulu" on Star Trek. Thuy Trang (1973-2001), Vietnamese American Actress. Naomi Watts, British-Australian actress. Dennis Weaver, actor. Ming-Na Wen, Chinese American actress. Elaine Wynn, Wynn Resorts, Charities. Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts Limited, Las Vegas. Adam Yauch, American musician, director, producer, Beastie. Mazie Hirono, U.S. Congresswoman, Democrat from Hawaii. Hank Johnson, U.S. Congressman, Democrat from Georgia. Eric Lubbock, United Kingdom, elected Member of the House of Lords. Oprah Winfrey, chat show host. Bikram Chopra, spiritual leader/self help author. Madonna, singer (kabalah guru). Romio Shrestha, Buddhist painter, Ireland/Nepal/USA. The Dalai Lama, The Tibetan spiritual leader. 

Why is one encouraged to do meditation?


Meditation, like our mind, determines no gender, religious creed or colour of mankind. Hence it is ideal and recommended for both men and women of all age, creed & orientation. 

The meditation practice is useful or sought after or found to be ideal to us all at the age when we stop growing physically. 

Depending on our circumstances such as who we are how we are physically and mentally, meditation looks ideal when leave the education or parental homes and get into the world of profession. 

Or, ultimately one has fallen in & out of love as an independent person, with our own mind, body & soul or as a whole being.

As we seek our eternal, bodily and emotional freedom since that time, we begin to experience the world as a place full of dramas, events and consequences of our own thoughts and their actions as mature beings, who have a fully grown mind, body & soul. 

And that we now feel free to enter into all kinds of relationships with others on a physical, professional & emotional ways. 

It is the time, when we need meditation because, we have now set ourselves in the free-fall of freedom, say, to earn our living or to have a family, to have roles in society. 

Unknowingly we seek the material or emotional completeness in everything we wish, do or intend to do, knowing we have done those in the best of our own ability such as of mind, body or soul so as to find that what we want to become is what we wanted always; a successful, appreciated and shiny or fulfilled person! 

We aim to be proud & productive as well as  worthy to ourselves and to others around us, since we feel that  that's what we are born and for a reason, or with a purpose or mission as if life itself had demanded it powerfully. 

In truth that we would like to become a caring, kind, successful & sharing as well as consciously a better human being! But is life or it's paths like these always? Answer is no. It hardly ever is. 

Since we grow up to let ourselves and others to grow with our experiences or feelings, along side our wants still wanting to thrive or survive without hick ups, what happens to life? Still we know we are using our life tools or the ‘gift’ of our own body, mind & soul. Still 'life' is not what we think that it should been like! So why are there discrepancies?  The answer is easy as well as tough at once. 

It is when we truly need or ought to start of practicing meditation, especially in order to discover the dynamics of our thoughts and consciousness, so that on the one hand, we can revive and on the other, we could rejuvenate our own physical, spiritual, and emotional spheres of well-being. 

Because in the absence of a healthy combination of the above three ‘essences’ or 'essentials', we are all ill prepared or we are unwell, for we don't simply know what's what, why are there all these that we don't know or cannot understand. 

This state of being will pretty soon crush us that we are unable to cope with anything i.e. the pressures that the external world put on us, for we may not be able to know first that who actually we are? 

Or, what are the purposes of our being here? How and why we related to each other for what reasons with ourselves to others in this world, since when in a nutshell? 

In short, meditation lets us to be in the cradle of life, by letting us know what this cradle of life itself is. Often letting us realise or ask or know or find the gravity or weight of the external world that we live in, in order for us to be able to connect with ourselves with our own inner being versus with other that we eventually have come together to connect with each other a) to understand the beauty and b) meaning of life!

Meditation will allow the answers to be unfolded as the mysteries of life itself begin to unravel in us as the life passes through time. 


How to begin meditation practices?


One cannot drive or should not drive car until one is able to drive or have the license to drive it. But how does one drive or can drive it if he or she does not try and learn how to drive?

Meditation is not exactly like driving a car, but is similar that we can try to become the driver of our own body, mind & soul.

Like any skill such as of driving or cooking to operate the computer programme, one must create the environment or willingness to get into in his or her own mind & soul first. 

Once one is ready to undertake the desired skills, hoping to enhance life, he or she then can go on to obtaining the expertise. Initially everything becomes a learning process. Once the learning is done, then practicing gets easier.

At our meditation, we let you learn how to do meditation. It takes place in a group or shown by a well-learned practitioner(s) when you require the help for example how to sit right comfortably & how to know our own breathes, we then get on to knowing  our own mind, body & soul ourselves gradually, as meditation practice becomes easier & comfortable. 

Meditation thrives through the practice. It gets better only when we practice it willingly, as meditation, as a path to spirituality, discovering ourselves in our body, mind & soul and others including the universe around us, it achieves the excellence. 

By being familiar with both its theoretical and practical knowledge,  meditation ultimately becomes a private skill of your own in which one sees life as a gift than burden.

Vishwa Dharma Meditation

What does Vishwa Dharma meditation mean?



Our Logo:

1. Round Sphere- The shape of Universe or The Planet Earth, 

2. Flowers- Alfa & Omega in which the Universe or Planet reside in life form. Life breathes in & out or vice versa. 

3. Spring of life- Colours as part of the Universe or lives.

4. Vishwa- Means Universe, The World or Samsara we live in.

5. Dharma- Means practices or attainments.

6. Meditation- Sitting upright, quietly, feeling our own breaths in & out.


Many things thrive in simplicity within our world. Whilst the universe is made of complex combination of matter, physics and consciousness, the proper functionality of the overall systems of our universe, meaning our own life, relies on the principles of simplicity. They are often known as the laws of the natural law, which is simply a form of the definition of truth.


Simplicity is what leads our lives towards success, strength and ultimately happiness. Simple and joyous appreciation of our life and lives around us itself makes us worthy of living in harmony. It gives us purpose and simple fulfilment of values or purposes in our life. It can develop the moments of joy and cheerfulness around us! To enjoy our life simply, we believe that the meditation can help us all. 

Meditation simply magnifies the trajectory uplifting of the general functioning of our body, mind & soul. Until now, mediation practices have focused on the beauties, strength and dynamics of our mind. In our mediation we explore the able functioning of all three essence of ‘mind’, ‘body’ & ‘soul’, especially emphasising to celebrate the discovery of our SOUL, as it is the abode of our emotions. 

Emotion is such phenomena of energy that grasps everything around us to inform us whether we are okay or not. Happiness is a measurement tool of feelings that reside in the periphery of our soul, while absorbing information or events that are happening around us. Practicing the mediation can help you focus towards discovering the simple essence of happiness and restfulness. 

The principle motto of the meditation is simply to do Meditation! This is the only way to experience every good gift that the mediation has to offer.  Our mediation offers some general methods and practical tool of guidance or courage to simply practice the mediation. 

We believe it is easy and beneficial to us all, as found by the scholars and genius souls of success & happiness throughout time who were and are to be born in this beautiful planet, to which we adoringly call the mother Earth. 

How many levels are in meditation?



The Level First:

We will endeavour to guide by showing how we do meditation ourselves. After having learnt the basics of it for over 5-6 weeks time, you begin to enjoy it truly through realizing our breathing, sitting postures and getting comfortable with it. This we call as a level first.

The Level Second:

After your own recognition of completing the level first, then we move to practice the level second. In this, we begin to at ease with the mediation wherever or however or whenever you do it, because by this time, you will have begun to experience the existing of our own body, mind & soul. 

Your mind will begin to ask questions on a number of things that is relevant to your own mind or bodily experiences. You will realise that mediation can create the community who are in the process of enlightenment with knowing the true existence of the body, mind & soul.


To reach this level, it can take place about 9-15 weeks after you practice of regular meditation continuously. In this level, you are then free to practice or teach meditation wherever it is convenient for you to do i.e. at your local area as a guru or an accredited meditation instructor from Vishwa Dharma Meditation.


The Level Third:

This is an advance stage of meditation. This is the stage when a you can surely experience or begin to feel yourselves whether you are an enlightened being, although to find this you do not have to confirm it by wearing a certain type of clothes of a certain colour. Nor do you need to relinquish your family or jobs or belongings. 

You will not have to be based in the monastery to attempt to become enlightened or spiritual, because, people, in the past thought that there was no enlightenment in the household environment. It was true then when the human consciousness level weren’t as advanced as it has been now, at this time of our life, we are now in the 21st century. 

In this level, as you sit, you then will begin to immerse with meditation quickly. As you sit with it, you begin to see or experience the deeper spirituality, healing lights of enlightenment or light of divinity, including that the light of the universe or the overall systems that you never had thought that they existed.


You will begin to question substantially in topics that you are curious about in order to find answers. The answers you see or attain are in their atomic forms, which you will have to be aware, for through them lights accompany resembling the meanings of everything that they exist, and that you’d wanted to know. 

To the outside world, you are simply a better or kinder or an easy or comfortable being to be with. You can explain anything to them at ease, simply if you think you need to. If you think that you don’t need to or cannot, you simply wouldn’t hurt or annoy them by acting or speaking unnecessarily.


Your balanced personality, fine methods of expressing the knowledge, may fill you with wisdom, attraction and strength that the enlightened soul is believed to hold. 

This is natural and true to one’s own ability or strength that meditation may be able to provide. 

Vishwa Dharma Meditation founder on meditation


P. Himaal was born in an idyllic village of central Nepal. His parents were illiterate. Among his 7 siblings he was the youngest. He was born in August 1971. 

P. Himaal, attending for primary and secondary schools in villages of Chitawon and Gorkha, painted extensively as a child. He won numerous awards in arts and crafts at school. Soon after he left school, he created his passions in writing poetry and essays. 

He's worked as editor for a several publications in Kathmandu and authored 5 books including poetry, sonnets, novels and a bibliographic book on famous Narayen Gopal. 

In 1996, he came to study in England. He completed his BA in International Relations at Richmond, The American International University in London and PG/Diploma LLM/MA in International Law from the University of Westminster, London. 

After completion of his studies, he worked in publishing industries in London editing magazines, writing extensively on different social & creative topics.


In 2004, he met a Peruvian poet Moise Farlon at the retreat organised by the Arvon Foundation & English Pen in Totleigh Barton centre in Devon, England. 

Moise was under the impression that since Himaal was born in Nepal, he must be a Buddhist, practicing the meditation!

Suffering from the seriously painful kidney infections after a nervous breakdown, affecting the overall well being, the doctors had prescribed him a box full of tablets indicating that the breakdown & infection took place as a result of depression and some severe form of stress.  

Befriended in Devon, upon their return, poet Moise took him to the Shambhala Meditation Centre in South London. 


Since 2004 P. Himaal has continuously practiced meditation. He says, “In 2008-9, after 5 /6 years of a regular practice, I began to experience a bright light in my forehead. As I continued practicing meditation, I found that the stress & depression related ailments had all vanished. I did not taken a single tablet the doctors 'd given. I wonder what would have happened to me, had I been engulfed in taking those depression's tablets!” 

He states adding to the overall healing benefits he had from practicing meditation, “All my emotional, personal & health related issues began to vanish. My visage or personality looked brighter, shiny or healthy and indeed confident. I began to see everything in eyes of light, love, affection & kindness. Or saw a good layers of meanings on everything than just on a linear form. The matters emanating from egos, or frustrations, anger or vendettas were no longer the seeing perspectives for my eyes or mind and heart. I'd given up to remain an ill, angry or upset man!”


He says, “I'd always had questions on the state of being of society, or that of the human nature and overwhelming problems that mankind in all societies throughout the world were facing. But the sufferings of mankind resonated more with the wrong philosophical juxtaposition or by a selfish, wrong & dishonest motives. Before I took up the meditation, all ideas or issues would over burden me. Hence I used to be troubled easily by anything, as a problems or issues of complexities  of the degradation! But meditation allowed me to handle all problems and indeed their solutions at ease, because it began making me stronger & deeper a person inside. And outside I'm a humble, sincere, honest, reliable, hardworking, kinder and caring man!” 

Of course, he began spending a lot of time in solitude in the secluded places of parks & woods in south west London for nearly 7 years. The crowd would affect him at times for thoughts and messages he was to understand in their depth. His inability to cope with too much information on internet would fatigue him, as there would be seemingly no answers for the answers that he was seeking. 

"Would one get this just by asking? At least in my case, I didn’t get that right perhaps. So I stopped asking for it or chasing after it." He says, "But at least, I now have the motives that how I could help assist others in the best way possible and understand other’s sufferings or misery or pain as his own. Is it a wrong thing to have those thoughts?” 

He claims that the continuous practice of meditation has enlightened him. 

He believes mediation can make the wrong people right in mind and unwell people well, at least in their mind, body & spirit, whilst we still have our daily lives to live - like a normal human being with responsibilities as a descent member of society. 

“What’s wrong with it? Is it like asking or influencing a friend to take up the drugs or alcohol? Not at all. It is not.” he says. 

P. Himaal claims, in his current life, he's died & survived more than 12 times. And now he aims to spread the message & practice of meditation. 

When since was meditation practiced?



The Buddha, known also as Gautama Buddha, or Shakyamuni Buddha, 500-400 BC was the ultimate light or the pioneer innovator or promoter of the meditation for mankind. Whereas Lord Shiva is known as the first practitioner of it, at his abode at the Mt Kailasha. 

Confucius 551-479 BC, proper Chinese name K’ung Fu-tze, practiced meditation regularly especially when he was required to attend the functions at the Royal courts to give his advises to the emperors. He was contemporary of the Buddha. 

One of the great kings of world history Emperor Ashoka 269-232 BC, whose emblem of pillar is the national symbol of the current day India renounced all his emperor’s hats and embraced Buddhism & its edicts. He went onto erect the Ashoka Column in Lumbini in Nepal by honouring the Buddha and his birthplace. He practiced meditation following the Buddha.


Rishimuni Chanakya, the Indian teacher, philosopher and royal advisor, who was known as the founding father of Political Economic theories for the Maurya princes and kings in the Indian land(s) then around 350–275 BC also practiced meditation.


Before him, all the ‘Maha Rishis’ or ‘Rishis’ and ‘Sages’ or ‘Sadhus’ in the land of the Himalayas known as Himvat Khanda in the Himalayan region in today’s northern South Asia practiced it to attain knowledge. Among them Rishi Veda Byasa wrote the magnificent ‘Four Vedas’ around 1500-600 BC. He didn’t have an official education, hence only means for him to attain insightful knowledge was through meditation. 

Lord Krishna recommended it to warring Arjuna when he was in panic who was committing into Mahabharata War. 

Mediation, however, became vitally popular only when Sidhartha Gautama, the Crown Prince of Lumbini, in Nepal today, left the palace to seek solutions for the imminent problems he figured out with humanity. As Siddhartha Gautama left the royal household, he, in fact, took up the ‘yoga’ for two years with five hermits who had sanctuary in the outer skirts of the jungle. He renounced it and decided to go deeper inside the jungle to find the solace alone since the yoga practicing men believed in the caste discrimination among many other beliefs and plans against their rulers, state & its people. 

Deep in the jungle he sat alone under a Peepal Tree doing mediation. After 6 years of continuous practice, he found that he had achieved the enlightenment. He then left jungle to spread the message of peace & philosophies to people. He began to be known as The Buddha since then. 

It's been nearly 3000 years since he practiced meditation.

Then after the Indians, Chinese, Tibetans, Japanese, Koreans, Sri-Lanakans, Thais, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Burmese and lots of people across the world, began to embrace Buddhisim as a religion and meditation as the ultimate method of discovering spirituality and happiness within themselves. 

There has been reports & documentaries that meditation could have been practiced by Jesus Christ (born between 4 and 2 BC) as he went to lonely places in the Mt. Sinai, whereby it is believed that he communicated with his eternal father the GOD. 

Soon before he came back and got crucified in the Jerusalem for his rebellious thoughts and preaching, he had been disappeared for 12 years. Scholars argue that during those 12 years he was traveling in the eastern lands within current day India, where there are huge Buddhist relics still intact in Peshawor area of Pakistan  today. It is said that he practiced meditation there to attain insights and knowledge for the new era, which laid foundation of Christianity soon after. 

Prophet Mohammed born around 570 AD grew up in the troublesome societies of Arabia then and grew up with his difficult maternal uncle as an orphan until he fled to work for the wealthy widow Khadija, 15 years senior to him. He worked for her caravan businesses and fell in love and later they married. As he lived with her, he frequently went to pray and meditate in the Cave of Mt Hira, where he received messages of the God- ‘Allah’.  Soon before he spoke for his sermons, it is described that he used to stay in silence for sometime meaning he could have practiced the mediation.


The followers of the Taoism or Shinto, in far eastern Asia such as Japan thrive through the practices of meditation mainly. 

Guru Nanak (1469-1538) also practiced meditation and began authoring the holy book of the Sikh Religion. 

Mediation had started many thousands years ago. It is still being practiced throughout the world today.


Never there has been an important time to practice meditation than today. 


In our time today practicing mediation has become the need of the hour for our eternity and humanity, as we find that we are all going through some crucial changes in the way we live our lives, despite the fact that science & technologies aim to help improve the conditions of human life, often complicating matter further to an unknown phenomenon, often pushing us towards state of stress and eternal pain causing some deep sense of unhappiness & confusion.


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In the time like today, we all ought to practice meditation! We recognize that meditation is helpful for the wider community. We are looking forward to developing ours as a community  service organization. If you are interested to be trained as Meditation Instructors or Volunteers on areas of organizational development such as Admin, Fundraising, Publications, Marketing & PR, we would be pleased to hear from you. 

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